How ’bout them dawgs?

by Kathi D on September 29, 2010

But first, the zucchini.

Seriously now; this is today’s harvest. People on the street had better lock their doors, or the zucchini burglar will be making dropoffs.

Mmmmmmmm, zucchini

Brooklyn and Barkley are two years old now, so of course they have become perfectly settled and docile.

Well, hello!

They have been a bit concerned about their Q Scores since they have been AWOL from The Internets. Luckily they are still quite adorable . . .

We are the flower children

. . . although they sometimes exceed the bounds of Appropriate Dog Behavior.

Stay off what table?

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Oh, Summer

by Kathi D on September 27, 2010

The end of Summer has taken me by surprise.

I blame the weather. It has been flaky and unpredictable and mostly cool, and while the fruit trees have produced way beyond normal, the tomatoes have sat green on the vines, mocking me.

Until today.

Yes, some of these are green, but since we had to dive into a thicket of vines to pick the ripe ones, a few green ones got knocked off in the struggle. If our current little heat spell lasts, there will be about a zillion more baskets like this. I planted all heritage varieties this year, and carefully labelled them; unfortunately, the labels are buried under the vine jungle, so I’m not sure what most of these are. But hey! They are tasty!

As for the zucchini, well. You know zucchini. You can’t turn your back on it for even a moment.


This is only a fraction of what's Out There. It's scary.

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Instead of blogging

August 10, 2010

I have been working on my new project, coming soon to your TeeVee screens (in my head). I have been making jam out of anything I find laying around the house. The dogs have learned to look lively lest they be preserved. Set your Tivo for Pioneer Kitchen. No, make that All About Canning with [...]

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A good day in California

August 4, 2010

I’m sure this isn’t over yet, but hooray for Judge Vaughn Walker for getting it right. Judge strikes down Prop. 8, allows gay marriage in California In a long-awaited ruling, Judge Vaughn Walker says the ban on same-sex marriage violates constitutional rights to equal protection and due process. The decision is expected to reach the [...]

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What I learned (TeeVee edition)

July 24, 2010

There are those who might think that watching certain TeeVee shows is a complete waste of time. (Like a cat singling out the most inappropriate leg in the room to rub up against, people like that often seem to end up married to people like me.) Although my readers clearly don’t mind wasting time, it’s [...]

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July 14, 2010

This is going to put a serious crimp in my best karaoke performance. Y.M.C.A. Is Downsizing to a Single Letter One of the nation’s most iconic nonprofit organizations, founded 166 years ago in England as the Young Men’s Christian Association, is undergoing a major rebranding, adopting as its name the nickname everyone has used for [...]

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The Real Beginning of Summer

July 9, 2010

It’s July, and what could that mean but the return of Margarita (Not Her Real Name) and her Italian Lover FlaVio (Not His Real Name) to our little end of the street? By mutual (and well-fought-out) agreement, they spend half the year South of the Border in FlaVio’s favorite spot and the other half up [...]

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What I learned

July 7, 2010

First, somebody bad made me leave the island paradise and come home to the other paradise. We have fawns and multiple bunches of quail babies, along with unseasonably mild weather that is pretty much perfect, so I really can’t complain. Even better, we had visitors over the long weekend, the kind of visitors who come [...]

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